Learn Four Reasons Why Your Graphic Design and Marketing Should Be Aligned

with our 14-Page report you will learn:

• the Headline is 80% of your design and why that matters to design

• converting prospects into customers is about having a conversation with them and how this applies to design

• images, photos, and graphics can decrease click-through rates and engagement if they are not properly matched

• That poor brand cohesion between touch-points can confuse and lose a customer base

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Graphic Design with a Marketing Focus... At True Mint Blueprints we specialize in "CREATING COHESIVE MARKETING MESSAGES THROUGH DESIGN"...

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Take advantage of our passion for design and marketing, giving you the best of both Worlds.

True Mint Blueprints is providing you 'On-Time Graphic Design When You Need It'...

Get your print and digital wants finished and delivered professionally with True Mint Blueprints Graphic Designers...

The Most Popular Designs and Products:

• Business Cards
• New Logos
• Books - Covers & Inside
• Design Enhancements (We turn your idea digital and/or we improve your current design)
• Graphic Fix-Ups
• Signs/Posters/Banners
• and more...

Save Time and Hassle by having us handle the printing of your cards, books, signs and more...

Print Design

Bring your printed materials to life with Print Design services. We always start with paper, pencils, felts, rulers, stencils, erasers and more. Our experienced designers and very own design process ensures a thorough and professional approach.

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Digital Design

Increase the visual appeal of your digital designs with our Digital Design services. We use the full Adobe Creative suite and our 10+ years experience to make your vision become a reality. Our happiness guarantee removes all the risk for you.

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    Here are some of the things we design that get Printed. Most get printed on paper, some on plastic, some on clothing, some on metal, and some on wood.

    • Typeface Creation
    • Logo Design
    • Advertising Print
    • Design Enhancement
    • Book Covers
    • Signs
    • Editorials
    • Banners
    • Magazines
    • Pamphlets
    • One-Sheets
    • Rack Cards
    • Posters
    • Album Covers
    • Stickers
    • Brochures
    • Shirt/Clothing Design
    • Letterhead
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    These are the different kinds of things we do digital design for. Most are online, on desktops, tablets and mobiles.

    • Advertising Digital
    • e-Book Publishing
    • Social Media Banners
    • Website Graphics
    • Social Media Graphics
    • Icons
    • GIFs
    • Online Documents
    • Online Publications
    Find out more about our Digital DesignDigital Design.

"True Mint Blueprints did an amazing job on my book of poetry, not only in layout and copyediting, but most importantly coming up with an insightful cover that gave deeper meaning to the poems. In addition, they worked in consultation with me throughout, the whole process taking 4 months, unheard of in the publishing world. I have recommended them to other poets on their way to publishing."

Make your vision come to life or Get Us to use our ideas.

Using our 10+ years experience and your ideas and dreams, we will bring your vision to life. Our unique "Design Process" will help ensure things are done right.

Our analysis and customer profile will help us hone in on the right way to communicate with them. We will sketch ideas and come up with a ready to go design that can be used in any application you desire.

About True Mint Blueprints Graphic Design

True Mint Blueprints was started as an in-house graphic design division. Not long after and due to demand we chose to make it open to the public. While True Mint Blueprints serves the whole planet earth, it is based in Victoria and on Graphic Design in Victoria, BC.

Our Designers Pass Tests

Our Founder has over a decade+ experience as a graphic designer, often working in-house for his own companies. Each graphic designer we have on our team or hire for individual projects is experienced and passes the True Mint skill test.

Graphic Design in Victoria BC and Graphic Designers spend a lot of time coming up with fresh designs. Each graphic designer has their own personality and style. All graphic designers with us will abide by a certain branding and style yet are encouraged to add their own flavors, tastes and flares. We do not want any of our graphic designers held back from breaking the rules and being creative.

Graphic Design Is About Applying The Right Solution To The Problem

Graphic Design is ultimately about applying the right solution to the problem. The problem could be as simple as coming up with a new business card design that pleases the client. Or it could take a previous failed design and re-brand it to emotionally and intellectually connect with a company’s ideal customer. Or it might take a product lost on the shelves and make it pop with incredible packaging.

Amazing Graphic Design Can Improve Conversions

Without effective and smart graphic design your marketing will fail… Even with incredible copywriting and marketing talk your conversions and engagement will be lower than it could be with amazing graphic design.

Graphic design isn’t all about pretty colors and artsy clever design. It is about almagamating and intertwining all the elements of marketing in a balanced and organic way. This marriage of writing, colors, pictures, shapes, lines, etc. gives you the best way to communicate with your market and helps set your company apart from the competition.

Great Graphic Design Understands How To Mesh Design With Marketing

A new business card design might look great but if the graphic designer failed to mesh the marketing with the design than it will convert at a lower percentage and ultimately leave money on the table.

All of True Mint Blueprints graphic designers understand the importance of tying graphic design and marketing together. We have the experience to know when an image is going to distract or upset and which colors are most likely to engage and create action in the target market.

Effective Graphic Design Will Help Maximize Your Return

Doing graphic design in Victoria bc like this maximizes the message and enhances your marketing materials and advertisements.

The more cohesive your marketing and design the more acceptable it will be to the market.

Get it wrong and your users will not enjoy the experience.

Get it right and your conversions will go up and your brand will be more credible in the customers eyes and mind.

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