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True Mint Blueprints

True Mint is a design agency.

We are specialists in Websites/Logos/Branding/Marketing&Advertising/Products&Packages.

True Mint guarantees our work, if combined with the right marketing plan and budget, your website image and brand will not hold you back, it will help to propel you and your business to success.

Our preference and recommendation are to work with us offline through contact and discussion. At this time we have stopped offering online exclusive services and products.

We don’t talk about the number of revisions or ideas. We work closely with our clients to generate the best ideas and take our time to get the right design done.

True Mint will tackle nearly any design task, from small to large. Please get in touch with us today for more information. Below are some of the examples.


Shirt Design
E-Book Editing|Creating|Releasing
Album Covers
Novel Covers
Advertising Print
Advertising Web
Photo Editing
Business Cards

 We currently work by quote only.

All design services are done to high standards and as affordable and fair as possible.

Our best most effective, and favorite, form of advertising/marketing/promotion is word of mouth. We treat every single person and company with this in mind and that is why your success is our success.


550 – 2950 Douglas St. Victoria, BC V8T4N4