“Providing A Blueprint For Your Success!”

True Mint Blueprints is a graphic design agency located in British Columbia, Canada. We are currently based in Victoria, BC.

True Mint Blueprints is specialized in kicking the competitions butt (price & service) and exceeding client expectations! We also offer Print Design & Digital Design.

Some of the things we do that fall within our specialized services are  Book Publishing, Landing Pages, LOGO Design and Products & Packages. We are also constantly updating our skills and taking continuing education so we can be better then ourselves and offer new great things in the future.

If you don’t see it, we can still do it.

We have created our own design process and believe in a traditional method and a balanced approach to modern design. We are also up on the trends. Our lead designer has been designing and developing in-house, for various ventures, for over a decade. True Mint Blueprints was recently founded due to demand to make our services available to the public. We are able to work with start-ups, small to large businesses, organizations, charities and even individuals.

We are a small design agency big on values and service. Founded as part of a larger plan, it ultimately spawned from doing in-house design work, to eventually opening to the Public as a division of Sage Hedge Inc.

Beyond just effective and beautiful design, we also incorporate our business background and experience. From this we include planning and analysis to help create better and more cohesive branding and design for our clients. Every decision we make takes into account our clients business, customers, products, competitors, markets, culture and industry. We understand the importance of image and brand and know the risks and costs involved. This combination of design and business helps to create the best possible chance for success if combined with the right plan.

We differentiate ourselves further by having the ability to offer peripheral high quality services for clients who demand audio and/or video. Our experience in various industries helps us to provide the expertise needed for marketing campaigns and music licensing. We are able to create custom audio and sound design and offer easy licensing via Wet West Audio, a division of Sage Hedge Inc. We also provide video services on demand within certain clients projects and are equipped to shoot and edit in 4k as well as storyboard and generate ideas.

True Mint Blueprints - A Graphic Design Agency

A True Mint Blueprints business card in full color double-sided and basic print style.

Design Agency True Mint Blueprints

True Mint Blueprints Emblem Logo. Read more about the process we went through in creating our emblem logo here.

While our job may be to create effective and eye-catching design, our true success comes from our clients success.

We believe this to be the case and ultimately see our clients as partners in our success as opposed to customers we take money from. We do our best to help our clients succeed and are invested in their business and its success.

Our clients can always be sure we have their best interests in mind.

550 – 2950 Douglas St. Victoria, BC V8T4N4