We design modern and functional packages/products while allowing what you have to offer to shine.

From bottles to shipping boxes to wedding invitations, we can help you stand out from the crowd and leave a memorable mark on people.

We use traditional methods starting from sketch and put every design through a rigorous process.

We not only use our design expertise but our business knowledge to help ensure most problems are solved before they happen. This also helps in reducing risk in taking products to market as well as the risk in perception.

All of our designs are thought with the Planet in mind and our first choice will always be to be environmental friendly and responsible. It is important to remember, however, that it is your business and we only wish to provide our most professional opinion in the most unbiased way. Sometimes being too focused on being green isn’t always the best option or choice.

A good product and/or package can help you stand out from the crowd.

They can make you and your company and product more memorable.

They can help you get and retain more customers and clients.

They can help communicate your brand’s message while being easy to find.

It can create experiences which can help to define and separate you from the competition.

It can help to make what you have to offer shine which helps to get sales and investment.

“Try not to look at us like an expense that costs you money. Almost everything we do for you is an asset which provides equity to your business and can be put on your books. These assets, along with your hard work, can become extremely valuable.2017 True Mint Blueprints. All Rights Reserved. Designed by True Mint Blueprints.True Mint Blueprints

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