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“Custom Website Design”

We are an affordable, reliable, easy to use and secure Website Design agency. This and more is accomplished by following our own Website Design “method” which ensures consistent and efficient results. With more and more people using their Mobile Phones to surf the Internet it’s important to ensure your website is responsive and adaptive to all devices and orientations. As advertising has increased digitally and more people use the Internet to search for products, answers and information, it’s imperative your business, store, blog or personal website is set-up and structured to give you the best chances of success.


A good website shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money. There shouldn’t be any monthly fees for a service that requires you do all the work. We use our experience and knowledge to understand each clients situation and limitations. This helps us make the right choices with zero compromises. Our specially designed website design “method” streamlines the process and keeps costs down.


Do you have the time and desire to sit around worrying about your Website? We don’t either! This is why we have a step by step method of website design. We use modern tools, many free and open source, with large active communities offering plenty of support. Our own hosting is fast and secure and provides 99.9% up-time. Backups and secure website designs provides a stress free user experience.

“Easy To Use”

Do you get frustrated when you are using a website and the back-end account area just sucks? We sure do! This is why we will provide a very easy to navigate and understandable back-end area for your website. We provide step by step support instructions any time you need help, in a timely manner. It makes adding new pages, posts and content fast and easy. 9 times out of 10 we’ll use WordPress, which has a large amount of information and helpful tips and communities. Still find that too hard? No problem, we can handle it all.


So long as you keep strong passwords you should not worry about being hacked. We will secure your website with Firewalls and Anti-Malware while using only trusted verified plugins and scripts. All your sign ins will be protected with Captchas. If you use our own Hosting we will even throw in HTTPS/SSL for free.

Very few businesses can survive, let alone flourish, without a Website. With most of your competition online why allow them to have a better website? Experience an easy process with friendly people that leaves you not only satisfied but in a better position to take on the World!

“What is the process involved in getting a new Website?”

1st you have to take action to improve your business, product, blog or person. You can do this by filling out our Questionnaire. It is short and simple and won’t take you long.

Once we have received your Questionnaire we will create a Proposal specific to your needs. If you choose to accept our Proposal we will then move onto the 2nd stage.

2nd, once we receive a deposit we will start making your website. We do this by purchasing or transferring the domain name and setting up your website on our Hosting. We will then either build your website from scratch or use one of many paid pro themes we own licenses to. It is important to know that themes are only a starting point which help save time. Working in WordPress we will use either Underscores_me or a Paid Theme. Both options save us time and you Money! If you are worrying about WordPress don’t, many large multinational Corporations, Organizations and Government use WordPress.

3rd we get your Website online and behind a special coming soon or maintenance page. We provide you with login details. You login and view your Website. You provide your feedback and we make any changes you request, if any. Once you are satisfied with the result and have paid the final remainder balance, your Website goes live. We then maintain and ensure your Website stays up and secure. Congratulations on your new Website!

“Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design?”

How long does it take?

It depends. For a standard 5 page website with minimal changes, it might take 2 weeks. For a more in-depth website with more client involvement, it could take 4-6 weeks. We will ask you for your deadline and we will also provide you with an estimate of the completion date.

How much does it cost?

Our Websites start at $499. We generally work to your budget and let you know what we can do based on what you need, all within your budget, and preferably with no compromises. Each client has different needs and therefore each project is often a different price. We offer some of the most affordable Hosting around which also helps clients budgets. When comparing quality and price you will find it hard to beat what we have to offer.

What all do I get?

You get a safe, secure, reliable, easy to use Website that you own in full. You get the assurances that everything is legal and official with all the licenses you need in place indefinitely. We also provide Hosting that includes SSL/HTTPS, Unlimited Traffic, Unlimited Emails and light maintenance. We give you Firewalls, Anti-Malware, Double Authentication or Captcha, Google Analytics, SEO structured pages, posts and content, CDN via Cloudflare, Effective Caching and all assurances your website loads reasonably fast and is friendly to search engines.

What is the catch?

There is no catch. It is in our Mission Statement to save people from bad design, bad structure, bad SEO and expensive websites and hosting.

Who will I work with?

You will work with a dedicated expert but everybody here will be able to help you and they will be familiar with you and your project.

How will I update my website?

We often use WordPress. WordPress has a very easy and well laid out backend where you will log in. Most things are straightforward and easy as well templates can be provided to help make new posts and pages easy and efficient and consistent.

Will I lose my google rank?

We will ensure any rankings you have will stay in place with any new website or update.

Are you ready to get started?

That’s Great! Getting a new website or updating an old one is an exciting thing.

Just fill out our Questionnaire and we will send you a Proposal.




Still Not Sure?

“Some additional information regarding Website Design.”

Website Design

We design affordable, secure, easy to use, functional, responsive and attractive Websites for various clients.

Our sites are simple and ensure everything is easy to find. We focus on results yet we love the design so how it looks and functions is important. We also understand that the text people read is the most important factor for your success.

Each site we build is perfectly tailored to our client’s demands and needs and built with their business and brand in mind.

Eye Catching

We specialize in eye-catching and visually appealing website design founded on simple practices and modern techniques.

All of our sites are Safe, Secure and Optimized. 

We prefer WordPress as our CMS(Content Management System), however, we are able to work with most platforms and scripts.

Our sites come with full legal rights and full ownership with friendly payment options and no monthly fees*.

Extremely Affordable

We also offer extremely affordable hosting with SSL/https Certification and light website maintenance** to all of our clients.

*Some websites within certain categories ie. Real Estate, Golf, Membership Based and upgrades and cross platforms ie. premium options, data partnerships, other server demands, oftentimes require working with organizations and companies where set-up and monthly fees are a requirement.

**Light maintenance includes site maintenance and upkeep, fixing problems and issues and updating and monitoring uptime. It does not include new designs or new posts and pages. Full maintenance is available upon request.

Better Branding

One good reason for custom website design is that you can brand better. You are able to create a more cohesive brand identity online and offline with a more effective and streamlined message. It gives you the ability of control and ownership of your brand and your company with the flexibility needed to succeed. You will be to make decisions free from constraints and restraints of third parties and pre-built sites.*

You will be able to obtain better and more effective SEO.

A custom website allows you to scale your website design with your business while updating along the way to keep your brand and look cohesive.

Greater Flexibility

It provides significantly more flexibility.

It gives you the ownership and control you need. You get full rights to your website and all designs(copyrights/trademarks) which creates wealth and value helping to provide immediate equity to your bottom line.

Reduces Costs

In the long run it reduces costs and recurring payments. It allows you to become virtually self sufficient.

You will achieve greater control and access to data and information.

It gives you greater security. While nobody can fully avoid hackers and piracy, your own hosted website that is non affiliated is often less of a target from criminals.


There are more robust options and no constraints.

*We sometimes use templates however this is almost always on clients request. We will also sometimes use templates to save time and money for certain clients who require it. In the times we use templates we will either work as the contractor helping to ensure you make the right choice in the template you desire else we will find the right and proper template through our proven channels and preferred partners.

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