PPC Management

We are a certifiedtransparent, affordable and non-contract based PPC Manager. Not only do we manage PPC Campaigns, but we also employ consistent strategies and methods to ensure the best results. Our ads are effective. They get you the right traffic, at the right place, at the right time, with the right message. Our goal is always to get your clicks to convert at the highest rate possible. We do this using various methods including landing pages and analytics. We are so confident in our abilities to do a better job we offer a money back guarantee for our work.


One of the most frustrating things in life is getting burned by a person or company. They make you a big guarantee or give you a hard sales job and take you out of your Time & Money. If this has happened to you then you are in the right place! The most important thing you can look for in a PPC Company and Ad Agency is their basic certification. Not only are we Google Ads Certified, we learned from some of the best who handle multi-million dollar adwords campaigns, every day.


We provide full transparency. Without actual confirmation of the numbers you will never be certain of what is going on. Our mission is to build trust. This trust helps us do our work better which helps us help you. We will always let you access your account to see the actual data and statistics. Since there is nothing to hide we will share the full stats and data with you.


Running or Starting any kind of venture can be expensive, we understand this. Knowing the pitfalls of advertising and how much it hurts when you spend a bunch of money on ineffective ads and promotion. Our goal is to offer affordable solutions to clients and customers who want to work with the premier multi-million dollar companies but can’t quite justify their fees. We keep our prices fair and reasonable and strive to create long term relationships to help other businesses succeed.

No contracts, no hidden terms,  cancel any time. We give you the freedom to leave if you are not satisfied with our work. While we are fairly confident we can provide immediate results, we generally recommend a patient strategy to advertising. This patience helps to create more data and do more tests to hone in on every strategy. Honing in allows us to increase the conversions and limit the wrong clicks. This can save you a gargantuan amount of money.

Very few businesses can survive on Word of Mouth alone. Regardless what you are selling, if you don’t get it in front of peoples eyes they won’t even know know you exist. Digital advertising allows us to hone in on your target demographics and perform precise campaigns. The analytics help to track every click and dollar spent which ensures you are giving yourself the best chance of success!

1st you have to take action to improve your business, product, blog or person. You can do this by filling out our Questionnaire. It is short and simple and won’t take you long.

Once we have received your Questionnaire we will create a Proposal specific to your needs. If you choose to accept our Proposal we will then move onto the 2nd stage.

2nd, once we receive a deposit we will start with keyword analysis. Looking at your demographics and your location we also peak at your competition and their website and advertising. Looking at your Website we will analyze your current landing pages and determine their likely effectiveness. We will make our recommendations on any changes we feel will help increase the conversion rate. If are also using us to create your Landing Pages, we will likely require access to your Website to make improvements. Once we have a better understanding of your particular situation only then do we start to lay an official strategy down.

3rd we use our strategy to help us craft the best Campaign. With our own method, a process we follow when creating Ads, we then create and structure our best first attempt at the right ad. This is extremely important as any little error can cost thousands of dollars. We take our time generating and deciding on what Keywords to use and ensure we have a strong list of Negative Keywords. Once we are certain we have a robust and effective ad, we go live. Once it is live we then monitor the ads. We make adjustments and improvements. We collate the data into an easy to understand format and report monthly.

Do I get to keep everything?

Of course. We aren’t creating new intellectual property for you, we are simply providing a Service to maximize your advertising spend and see better returns thanks to better ads and analysis. You can even choose to use us as your Adwords Manager just to cancel after a Month so you can have everything for examples, we all need to start somewhere. You just don’t get a copy to our methods.

How much does it cost?

Our campaigns start at $199 per month. Setup costs are included. This price is for one ad group. For more than one ad group we can provide you with an estimate. We will create a minimum of 4 ad options for A/B testing within this 1 ad, however it will be for only 1 group of keywords. Keyword analysis is included for free. This price however does not include the Landing Pages, which are extra. Landing Pages are a 1 time charge and not a monthly charge. They start at $99 per page and vary depending on the amount of Copyright and Original content and text we have to create. While we report Monthly, we will monitor your ad daily. When improvements can be made, we will make them. Any changes and improvements are included in the price.

I still want more information on the cost?

We understand. Please either fill out our Questionnaire or simply contact us for more information.

Is there a term?

No you can cancel at any time. It is important to understand that it does take time to hone in campaigns and ads which helps maximize the advertising spend and increase your conversion rates. We offer recommendations but we will never hold you to them.

What is the catch?

There is no catch. It is in our Mission Statement to save people from scammers, liars and overall poor advertisers, marketers and agencies.

Who will I work with?

You will work with a dedicated expert but everybody here will be able to help and will be familiar with you and your project.

Can I make changes to the ads?

No. This only causes confusion and a lack of organization. Please contact your dedicated expert to see if a change would be smart. Ultimately we don’t want you to be able to edit ads during campaigns however want you to be able to see all the data so you trust what we say and what we are doing.

Do you play foosball or ping-pong?

No, sorry. We have however been known to play the odd game. We prefer a variety of things that include outdoors, sun, fresh air and exercise.

Are you ready to get started?

That’s Great! Getting some PPC Management and better ads is an exciting thing!

Still Not Sure?

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True Mint Blueprints is Certified in Google Ad Words.

Our PPC Management prices start at $199/Month. For that we can help you beat your competition, by increasing your conversion rate with targeted ads, great keyword lists and save money by minimizing the wrong clicks!

Are you tired of the wrong leads? Have other PPC Management companies made big promises and failed to deliver? Are you tired of dumping money away on advertising?

We can help!

We will spend a bit of time to see if you would benefit from PPC Management before taking your money! To start we will analyze and research your market, your competition, your keywords, your products, your website, and your current advertising plan. If we feel we cannot help you, for whatever reason, we will let you know and give you our best advice going forward.

Killer Ad

Writing a killer ad is one thing, making sure everything else is in place to save you money and get you the best leads, the right clicks and better conversions is another. Without the proper setup, research, and analysis, then delivering the best ad and achieving guarantees is essentially impossible.

Increasing Conversion Rate

True Mint Blueprints does not guarantee a certain amount of leads. We will guarantee you that we are giving you the best chance to convert the most amount of people who click your ad. A big focus in our PPC Management is increasing conversion rate. Achieving this guarantee is done by going above and beyond what most others will do. This will be accomplished with incredible research and analysis. We will create outstanding keyword lists and target the best areas and times. By going more in-depth then most others will and ensuring we stay within the budget we will increase your conversion rate and maximize your spend. We will always tell you up front what to expect and how long it might take. We will not promise the Moon and deliver a few dusty rocks.

Google Adwords Certified

True Mint Blueprints is certified. This means we have passed tests, taken courses, studied and learned the ins and outs of Adwords. You can find the documents on our Facebook Page.

We can save you time and headaches and help you avoid scams and large losses on advertising spend.

Some people say we are too cheap, that is our competition, they often charge more and deliver less! We don’t waste time, especially yours.

Streamline Your Advertising

Digital Advertising is currently the best bang for your buck. While we still love Print Advertising, Digital allows us a better understanding of your customers and the effectiveness of your ads. We can streamline your advertising based on extensive data and information and continually fine tune it until we are assured you are only receiving the best clicks.

Allowing us to be your PPC Management company gives you the freedom to use your time elsewhere, thus maximizing it. It also takes your stress away as you will no longer have to worry about it.

We monitor your campaigns. If some data comes through that gives us reason to believe your ad can be better, we will make the necessary changes.

This is our design process. We use this to break down projects to simplified steps. It helps to ensure thoroughness and consistency and efficiency all which help to ensure lower costs and better results.

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