Happiness Guarantee

If you aren't happy you don't have to pay...

You can even get some to all of your deposit back!

Our Happiness Guarantee works on a discounted model. This model takes the hours True Mint Blueprints has spent multiplied by our Hourly Rate* and then by 50%. It then takes this number and minuses it from the deposit/s already made.

If there is money left over, we pay it back to you.

We do this to remove the risk of working with us. So you can take the plunge knowing that you won't get burned if you aren't satisfied with the results.

If at any time you are unhappy you can just walk away with no concern of having to pay us anything else, no matter how long we spent working on your project. Not only that, we even give you some money back on your deposit.

In special cases, you might even get your full deposit back.

Our current hourly rate is currently $75.00 / hour BUT we are currently using $50.00 / hour when calculating our happiness guarantee.

Happiness Guarantees Claimed = 0

That means nobody has yet to ask for our happiness guarantee... Our Founder has given some clients a free project or said to not pay an invoice, often for something someone said to them and not unhappiness with results, but they never asked even then... Either way True Mint Blueprints wants you to be happy and you can be sure we will do what we can to be sure you are...