Invention – Photography & Videography

Sam Wiria

Photography & Video

We were lucky enough to work with a local Inventor who was looking for some Photographs and some Video. Due to the nature of possible proprietary rights most of the Photographs and the Video cannot be displayed at this moment.

While we are able to storyboard and craft more intensive photograph shoots and marketing videos, our client had allocated a specific set of money for the budget and this called for making the right decision. In the end some straight up straight forward simple photographs and video was the right call.

We arrived with our 24MP SONY and 4K Camera and Lights. We then took assessment of the location and took a look over the inventions to try and figure out what would be the best solution. In the end the best plan, working within the budget and the size of the devices, was to shoot on location.

Photographs and Video aren’t all about the subject or lighting or special techniques or angles. While these are of course important, it is often some of the other things that contribute to poor photographs that often get overlooked. The background always plays a critical role. In this instance we spent some time cleaning up and organizing the location and strategically placing a few things to help with the set. This helped to create a better atmosphere and mood that helped to communicate and display the inventions.

We then got to work, shooting plenty of photographs and video. We then used Photoshop & DaVinci Resolve to edit and render each. We provided our client with standard edited photographs and more impactful and aggressively edited photographs. We then edited the video to provide transitions and color correction.


We finished by providing the client our standard Disc Package along with an electronic transfer. We also of course backup all of our own work. This also comes with a friendly contract that transfers the Copyright and Ownership to the client which also provides a bit of security for each party.

In the end we were able to feel as if we helped someone perhaps get more then someone else would have done for them.  Oftentimes many designers, photographers, videographers wont work to budgets or make compromises in their application of skills and techniques in order to achieve similar High Quality results. We also didn’t guarantee more then we could deliver and warned that any marketing video to any worthwhile competency would be more then the budget at hand. This made slapping or chopping together a low budget marketing video not an option and a simple more standard display video was suggested and ultimately delivered.

It was also a fun time meeting a local inventor working on something extremely important. Desalination is a critical thing for our future of water and we were lucky to help someone invested in that exact thing.

If you are in need of Photographs and Video, regardless the budget, please give us a chance, we aim to please.

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