Wigs By George Logo

We were tasked with the upgrade and modernization of the Wigs By George Website. On the old website there was an old logo. We decided to go ahead and update that logo. We were given free reign to come up with something and we went to work.

We had taken into account George’s old site and logo, our Owner had met George, and we were able to get a sense of overall style and feel of him and his business. We then took a moment to look at his clients and the market and industry and made a few decisions on the direction we wanted to take.

In the City of Victoria there are a few different trends and styles going around, that are similar to trends and styles overall within the design game. We wanted to stand out yet fit in. We wanted to add some sophistication and class however while making it very easy to read. We decided not to try and incorporate anything about wigs however we wanted clean large and bold yet elegant and gentlemanly with a nice Wordmark Logo.

We came up with a few different ideas (not shown here) and in the end we decided on the collection of Logos below. We made a favicon that would be easier to see small, and a few different options including a slogan and different colors.