Awaken Healing Arts Logo Process

Here is the end result of this design process. 1 Main Awaken Healing Arts Combination Mark Logo.

The Awaken Healing Arts Logo Process

This process began with the need to create a Main Logo for Awaken Healing Arts. We began with a very clear direction in mind and a client who had a few ideas of what they wanted. Normally we start with sketches and ideas and this time was no different. We basically started with the overall genre of the business and took a look at the industry and the image and style of its owner. We knew Awaken had some specific ideas however we also wanted to make an attempt at wowing with something different and original as we would normally brand and design for someone. Being a healing arts company and Reiki based, we decided on attempting to incorporpate some images that would help communicate the best message to potential customers and clients. Being a start-up we had to take the approach of trying to draw people with their first look at the logo, whether big or small, and communicate through image and text what Awaken was all about.

Below we can see a bunch of sketches of our attempts with no input from the owner. We had a few ideas. We wanted to convey a more zen like feel to it. We also wanted to incorporate the chakras and/or possibly something to do with the awaken like the Sun or another bright and up type of feel.

More then anything we wanted it to be streamlined, classy, simple, clean, bold yet still effectively communicate the Reiki aspect of it. We had decided that to best position Awaken within their industry and to set them apart from the competition, taking into account the Owners style, a bit more modern and classy business like Logo would best help to communicate the proper message.

Ultimately simple lines and shapes reflecting meditation and chakras became our preferred choice.

Left you can see 3 sheets of sketches and different ideas. The 3rd sketch sheet is done to a bit higher standard and took the best of the first two sheets. We decided to start from fresh in a vector program as opposed to scanning and tracing.

The client wanted Black & White and below is the final True Mint Blueprints attempt at Awakens Main Logo, at least this was our first submission in finished quality for client review.

We also wanted to be a bit smart and clever and extract from within this Logo a Lettermark that could mostly be used as a favicon. Here you will notice the A centered with 2 of the chakras that have a different opacity then the rest.


We were aware the client had their own idea and vision, we merely wanted to showcase and display what our first attempt at a Main Logo would be, for various reasons.

While the client liked what we did ultimately it wasn’t what they wanted, and we moved on.

This is part of the process and obviously we sucked it u, stayed positive and focused on making the clients vision come to lifeOur client had a few different ideas and we made some more sketches and made some fresh in a vector program essentially hoping to strike gold and find the right design that would make our client happy.

Above are some sketches and below are a bunch of different attempts, mostly first attempts that were then submitted for evaluation.

As you can see we certainly came up with a few different logos. Lots of different styles however often very similar.

Our client was focused on a Lotus flower image and we obviously agreed that a Lotus was certainly representative of the genre and style. We did our best to offer our suggestions and opinions and of course took our time to add our own style and flare to each one while keeping it within the clients specifications.

Throughout the process we were able to nail down the Font. We also incorporated some color that ultimately found its way into our clients website, that we were also hired to develop and design, but eventually for the logo we stuck with just black and white.

When all evaluations were finished, none of the above were good enough. The process however ultimately helped narrow down the end result and finally the client decided upon the main logo that is being used.

The process was the same and over a few different changes we were finally able to settle on the below final.”Try not to look at us like an expense that costs you money. Almost everything we do for you is an asset which provides equity to your business and can be put on your books. These assets along with your hard work can become extremely valuable.”